The sensational incident that took place in Assam’s Kalaigaon on July 6, when a science teacher and his family disrobed themselves completely, amid an alleged plan to sacrifice a minor child took place as per the instructions of a tantric named Ramesh Saharia.

Police has launched a massive manhunt to nab the tantrik who is believed to have indoctrinated the family to sacrifice the 2-year old toddler.

The tantrik identified as Ramesh Saharia had allegedly propagated vicious superstitions in the family. Influenced by the tantrik, the family decided to perform a human sacrifice.

The child, who was supposed to be sacrificed, was the daughter of Jadav Saharia’s sister-in-law.


The incident took place at the Kushalipara village where Jadav Saharia and his family decided to perform the act after falling prey to superstitions propagated by the tantric named Ramesh Saharia.

In a sensational revelation, the wife of Jadhav Saharia said that they were about to perform the sacrifice after the tantrik had said that doing so will bring back to life their dead daughter, who committed suicide three years back.