Amila Sah, a resident of Dholaibil near Jamugurihat in Assam’s Sonitpur district has been put in detention camp after being declared as a foreigner by the Foreigners Tribunal.

Claims are being made that Amila Sah has been wrongfully put in detention camp. It is to be noted that Amila’s father Keshab Prasad Gupta, a resident of the Pratapgarh tea estate, had his name listed in the 1951 NRC.

Gupta’s family had been residing in Assam from the pre-independence days itself. While Amila had submitted all relevant documents during the NRC process, the border police put her in the list of suspected foreigners.

Amila’s documents were submitted to the Sonitpur District Foreigners Tribunal on June 4, 2018. Even Amila’s mother gave testimony in the tribunal in favour of Amila.

But this year, on June 15, Amila Sah was arrested by the police. Currently, Amila is put in the detention camp in Tezpur.