Trouble is brewing for the Congress in Meghalaya with more MLAs out of the total 19 expressing their willingness to join the United Democratic Party – which is an ally of the NPP in the ruling MDA government.

In this regard, UDP Senior leader, Jemino Mawthoh on Friday night even confirmed that few MLAs from the opposition Congress have expressed their willingness to join the party. Mawthoh said that the UDP would welcome the MLAs.

This revelation comes from the UDP amidst speculation of congress MLA’s approaching political parties in the state to shift their allegiance in search of greener political pasture after the congress’s poll debacle both in the state and at the centre.

On the claims of the Congress of exploring possibilities to connect with its friendly neighbours to form a new Government in Meghalaya, Mawthoh said that the congress did approached the UDP on this as well but the party had declined their offer.

He observed that since Congress was in power for so long and now suddenly when they are in opposition, they are finding it tough to work in opposition and hence they are trying to talk to other parties so that they can combine together and form the Government but this will not materialise as of now.