Inclement weather continues to play a major deterrent in the rescue operations to recover the mortal remains of the 13 air warriors who lost their lives on June 3 when the AN-32 they were flying in crashed in the mountainous terrain.

The team of Indian Air Force mountaineers, army special forces personnel and local mountaineers have been braving poor weather conditions and the treacherous terrain to recover the mortal remains of the air warriors.

The mortal remains and other material evidence will be picked up by the helicopters and brought to Jorhat in stages. The IAF has flown around 200 sorties towards the AN-32 crash site.

The Indian Air Force has instituted a court of inquiry to probe the cause that led to the June 3rd crash of the AN-32 aircraft with 13 crew members on board. An IAF statement said the focus now is to bring the bodies to its parent base in Jorhat.

The critical black box that has been recovered will provide vital clues to ascertain the cause of the crash.

Meanwhile, based on a photograph of the crash site, speculations are rife that the plane may have even hit a mountain just below its summit before disintegrating.