After detention of Army veteran Sana Ullah on charges of being a foreigner, another similar case has come to light.

A 59-year-old woman from Assam’s Chirang district has been lodged at a detention camp for foreigners in Kokrajhar for over 3 years now, after she was allegedly mistaken with a namesake in her village.

Madhubala Mandal was picked up by Assam Border Police in March 2016 after a Foreigners’ Tribunal had issued a notice to a woman named Madhubala Das of Bishnupur village of the district.

The villagers, however maintain that Madhubala Das, to whom the notice was served, and her husband Makhon Das, had died 13 years ago.

The villagers have alleged that the police refused to look into the surnames of the two persons concerned and was focused only on the first name of the persons that matched.

Pursuing this case, the police later, allegedly picked up Madhubala Mandal on March 5, 2016 and lodged her at the detention camp in Kokrajhar ever since.