The case of the former Army man Sana Ullah, who has been declared a foreigner and sent to a detention camp has taken a new twist with the investigating officer of the case, admitting on camera, that the statement he obtained during investigation was not that of Sana Ullah, the former soldier, but of a namesake.

Speaking to our group channel News Live, the investigating officer – Chandramal Das revealed that he recorded the statement of the former Army man’s namesake, who was a daily wage labourer.

He said that he can say with authority that the person whose statement he recorded was a daily wage labourer and not the man in question, who is held in detention centre. Take a look into the conversation.

Sana Ullah, a former army man and Kargil was a veteran, who also won the President’s medal was detained by the police and was sent to a detention centre in Assam after a Foreigners Tribunal declared him foreigner.

Sana Ullah had served in the Indian Army for 30 long years and was serving as a Sub-Inspector for Assam Border Police at the time of his detention.

Meanwhile, Gauhati High Court lawyer Hafiz Rashid Ahmed Choudhury also raised questions over the entire procedure that led to the declaration of former army man Sanaullah as a foreigner.