A team of Veterinary officers from North District and officials from Chungthang visited Lachen Valley in Sikkim up to Cho Lhamu to further investigate on the present status of the Himalayan Yaks mortality in the region.

The veterinary team provided theĀ ailing yaks with anti-stress and vitamin injections. Moreover, the farmers of the domesticated yaks were given maize, wheat, flour, salt and mineral mixtures to be fed to the Himalayan cattle.

The team of veterinary officers will further visit Lashar and Muguthang valley in the next few days.

Northeast Live had earlier reported about the death of 250 yaks in the region due to starvation. Now the state animal husbandry and ITBP are actively working to save the Yaks.

The yaks died as heavy snowfall destroyed the green patches up in the high mountain stretches leaving no food for them. Yaks are known to feed mostly on grass, plants and weeds.