Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has stated that unless the Nagas live in peace among themselves and arrive at a political solution to the Naga problem, the future of the Naga people may not be so bright.

The Chief Minister made these remarks at the 28th general conference of the Naga Students Federation that was held at Bhandari town on Thursday.

Rio said, “The Nagas are currently at a crucial juncture of history and unless they live in peace and arrive at the political solution, the future may not be bright.”

The Chief Minister said that Nagas should not only support the peace process but also have to make sacrifices by rising above individualism, clanism, tribalism and instead uphold Nagaism he added. He stated that the Nagas have been unable to find the way forward in a unified manner in the civil society movement.

Rio further mentioned that from the tribal hohos to the women and tribal organizations, none have come together on a unified platform that would carry the Naga voice in a manner transcending all boundaries.

Speaking on the Naga political issue, Rio said that the top agenda of the PDA government is the resolution of the Indo-Naga political conflict.

The Chief Minister also said here that the state government has taken significant steps in playing the role of an active facilitator in the ongoing peace process so that unity and reconciliation and a final honorable, inclusive and acceptable settlement comes at the earliest.


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