'Yeti' footprints sighted by Indian Army expedition team in the Himalayas

The Indian army has claimed to have stumbled upon the foot prints of a mythical beast called ‘Yeti’ in the Himalayas.

In a twitter post, the Indian Army posted the pictures of the mysterious foot prints measuring 32 by 15 inches near the Makalu Base camp on April 9.

The Indian Army said that the ‘Yeti’ has only been sighted at the Makalu Barun National Park in the past.

The finding of the mountaineering team however, has left the world of twitter in splits sparkling a range of memes online.

One user asked “why only one footstep?” while others have claimed someone might have hacked the account of the Indian Army. It is yet to be seen what further developments take place in this encounter with the ‘Yeti.’


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