Congress president Rahul Gandhi continued to fire salvos at the Modi government yet again targeting it for trying to impose the Citizenship Amendment Bill on the Northeast.

Addressing a rally in Manipur capital Imphal, Gandhi slammed the Centre for allegedly imposing an RSS puppet as the Vice chancellor of Manipur university.

Starting form where he left in Arunahcal capital Itanagar, Gandhi reiterated that the Congress will ensure the Citizenship Bill does not see the light of the day.

Gandhi lauded the people of Manipur for standing up against the VC, who was allegedly forced upon Manipur university by the Centre andĀ also promised special status to Manipur if voted to power.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi also held an interactive session with the students at MSDF earlier today.

Speaking on the differences in principle between the Congress and the BJP during the interactive session, Gandhi accused the BJP of trying to impose one idea on the entire nation.

Gandhi also alleged that spending in the education sector has seen a drop in the last five years with only 1 central university being established during the period.


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