The opposition in Arunachal Pradesh has closed ranks and are staging a dharna near the Raj Bhawan in Itanagar to mount pressure on their demand for resignation of CM Pema Khandu for the BJP-led government’s high-handedness while dealing with the protest against the PRC move that had led to the death of three people in recent weeks.

Top opposition leaders who are participating in the Dharna include state Congress president Takam Sanjoy, former Chief Minister Gegong Apang who has recently joined the Janata Dal(S), the president of the people’s party of Arunachal Pradesh Khafa Bengia and GS Bunti Mili from the Janata Dal .

The opposition is saying that the government’s ill thought out move to grant PRC to non APST people had led to avoidable violence in the state capital including the death of three precious lives.