Meghalaya Government reveals startling facts in status report to Supreme Court on Monday; says, bodies of other trapped miners may be behind the one detected by the Navy on January 16.

In the status report submitted to the apex court, the Meghalaya government has stated, “Presumably, and as per latest reports, the bodies of the remaining miners are behind the body detected on 16.01.2019”.

Meanwhile, the government also told the court that the Navy team has been asked to suspend efforts to pull out the detected body as several body parts including the skull and legs got disengaged during the extraction process. The body that was detected at a depth of 210 feet was pulled up by 100 feet.

In view of the delicate situation, the Navy team has been advised to leave whatever is left of the body as the site and await further advice from forensic and medical experts. A conformation on the same came from chief minister Conrad Sangma.

Sangma added that a decision on whether or not to completely call off the operations will be taken after due consultation with experts and agencies involved in the operations.