Facing the heat over his recent remarks on granting of PRC to 6 Non-Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribe communities living in Namsai and Changlang districts.

Arunachal Chief Minister Pema Khandu has disclosed that it is the locals of those places who are insisting the government to resolve the matter at the earliest.

Chief Minister Khandu said that the indigenous tribal people of those districts want a benchmark to be set by the government on the basis of certain documents so that they can co-exist peacefully.

The Arunachal Pradesh chief minister however assured that the state government will take into consideration the findings of the committee constituted to look into the matter.

Pema Khandu also maintained that the Arunachal Pradesh government will work in co-ordination with various stakeholders to decide on the issue who also said that separate certificates will be issued for the non-tribals that will have clear cut rules.

While reacting to a series of protests against the PRC move, Arunachal Pradesh chief minister said that the incumbent government does not want to keep long pending issues alive and hence it will work for resolving the matter at the earliest.