The infamous October 9, Junu Sharma murder case has finally been solved, thus putting an end to two and a half month long drama.

Police have got hold of the main culprits in the murder case. Police have arrested two youths accused who were directly involved in the case.

Along with both the youths, who are allegedly contract killers, police have also arrested a female in connection with the case. The accused contract killers have been identified as Arup Das and Ajanta Kalita.

Notably, the main accused, who shot dead SBI official Junu Sharma – Arup Das alias Bikram Asom was earlier associated with the ULFA-Independent.

Although, Arup surrendered in 2017, he illegally held on to his pistol. And, the police believe that this is the same pistol that was used to kill Junu Sharma.

Arup Das hails from Tihu in Assam’s Nalbari district. On the other hand, the other accused – Ajanta Kalita hails form Manahkuchi in Hajo.

With this three arrests, the total number of arrested people in the case have risen to 8.

According to police, the murder was planned by the 5 persons who were earlier arrested by the police, namely – Sunil Mishra, Putul Ali, Montu Ali, Saddam Ali and Junu Sharma’s personal driver Pranab Kalita.

Police have also revealed that Junu Sharma was murdered in order to avenge personal vendetta.

These 5 persons contacted Ajanta Kalita, who later along with former ULFA-Independent cadre Arup Das shot dead Junu Sharma. It was Arup Das who shot at Junu Sharma, that killed her on the spot.

Meanwhile, Ajanta Kalita was riding the motorcycle, which was used in the murder.

On the other hand, the woman, who was arrested along with these two youths is an accomplice in the case.

She passed information about Junu Sharma such as the timing of Junu Sharma entering the office to her leaving it to Arup Das and Ajanta Kalita.

Earlier, Assistant Manager of SBI’s Dadara Branch – Junu Sharma was shot dead by contract killers in a busy Agyathuri road near Guwahati on October 9, while she was returning home from her work place.

Three rounds of bullets were fired at Junu Sharma from a close range, two of which pierced through her neck and killed her.