The Khasi Lineage Bill has been passed by the KHADC on Friday. The bill features a special case of patriliny and lays down conditions to complied with to be a Khasi.

In the amended Bill, the customary practice of Ring Bia or Shaw Bhoi has been defined as the customary practices prevailing among some native, indigenous Khasi clan in Ri-Bhoi where in the case of Duh Iing the Khasi male member of such family may marry a non-Khasi and his offspring take his clan or title and they may be deemed to be a Khasi if they fulfill the conditions of being a Khasi as laid down in the Section 3 of the Act.

The amended Section 3 of the Bill provides that disqualification of any Khasi who takes the father’s surname shall not apply in case of Ring bia or Shaw Bhoi.

It states, “Any Khasi who takes the clan title of his father for himself or his children shall no longer be a Khasi and he and/or his children shall be disqualified from all privileges, status and benefits as a Khasi; provided that this clause shall not apply in case of Ring bia or Shaw Bhoi”.

As per the amended Bill, “Khasi Custom of Lineage” means a customary practice by which any Khasi person takes his or her clan from the mother and followed the matrilineal system of lineage.