In a joint operation by Child Welfare Committee Roing, Roing Police and North East Human Rights Organization in Arunachal Pradesh, a 13-year-old minor girl was rescued from the private residence of Tobang Pertin, Director of Forest Training Institute Roing and Mrs. Nami Lego Pertin.

It was discovered that the accused persons were keeping the victim as domestic helper and no efforts were being made for their education or well being.

Earlier her sister was also found in an abandoned and lost state by the Child Welfare Committee, Roing and is currently under their protective custody.

It may be mentioned that the parents of the two minors had asked the accused persons to return their daughters in the month of March but all their pleas fell on deaf ears.

The accused have been taking undue advantage of their position and influence to cover up the plight of the parents, who had been rendered helpless against them.

An FIR has been lodged by North East Human Rights Organization (NEHRO), Arunachal Pradesh State Unit against the accused persons.