The Tripura High Court has put a stay order on the registration cancellation of ‘Daily Desher Katha’, a 40-year old news paper which is also considered to be the mouthpiece of the CPI-M.

The registration was cancelled on the grounds of the paper’s ownership recently by a magistrate and also by the Registrar of Newspapers India under Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

Sources said the management of the newspaper is making arrangements to re-publish the newspaper.

Earlier, in a letter on October 1, the RNI cited unauthorised change of ownership as the reason behind banning publication of the newspaper.

District Magistrate of West Tripura Sandeep Namdeo Mahatme had said the newspaper was found to have violated several sections of the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867.

The complainant had alleged that there was a mismatch between the information of editor, printer and publisher provided in the newspapers’ declaration and data maintained with the RNI, among other issues.