Elephant menace has assumed a bigger proportion in Assam now. A jumbo was seen roaming within the boundaries of Guwahati city after it strayed out of the nearby Amchang Reserve Forest.

The elephant was seen roaming around the Panjabari locality at around 9:30 pm in the evening creating panic among the local people. The elephant prowled around the area for a few hours even as people tried to scare it away back into the forest.

People even blew firecrackers to scare off the pachyderm. Later towards midnight, the forest officials along with the local people succeeded in pushing back the elephant back into the forest area.

This is the second time that a wild elephant has strayed inside Guwahati. Recently, one such elephant has strayed into the city area and actually managed to travel throughout a considerable portion of the city before moving into a forest area on the other side form where he came from.

No report of any loss to life or property have been come in from yesterday night’s incident.