Close on the heels of the horrific incident of electrocution of six people in Assam’s Nagaon district, a major fire broke at Juria in the same district.

The fire broke out at Kaliyadingi and took down 15 houses with it. It is being suspected that the fire broke out due to an electrical short circuit.

Lakhs worth of properties have been destroyed in the fire as per estimates. Later fire brigade arrived at the spot and succeeded in dousing the fire.

Juria electricity
Electric wires lying loose

Meanwhile, a day after the horrific electrocution incident at Khatowal village, the electricity department still seems to care little to repair the live wire that caused the death of six people.

So far, no electricity board official arrived to take care of the loose 11,000 volts live wire.

While three electricity board officials have been suspended, there are still no efforts to repair the live wire.

People are wary of the situation as they claim that not just one but several such wires are lying loose at different places.

Locals are still apprehensive of the safety with such loose electric wires lying around with the electricity department turning a blind eye to them all.