The relief and restoration works is on a war footing in flood and landslide hit North Sikkim district with let up in rainfall. Two MI 17 V5 helicopters of the Indian Air Force have risen as the saviour of Sikkim.

A total of 115 civilians, 216 personnel of Indian Army and 12 personnel of ITBP have been rescued and brought home to their near and dear ones in the past 48 hours.

Sikkim rescue 2Sikkim rescue 2 1

22 Tonnes of life saving relief material has also been airlifted to the far flung regions of Sikkim giving a ray of hope and respite to the people of the region.

The monsoon activity and incessant rains had intensified in north and east Sikkim leading to havoc in the region.

Lines of communication were disrupted and daily activities had come to a halt. Landslides triggered by the rains had in fact cut off a major portion of NH 10 and NH 29 C making Sikkim inaccessible from the rest of the country.

Sikkim HighwayMeanwhile, incessant rains continue to create havoc in Sikkim as landslides still cut off most of the places in the state from the state capital Gangtok.

While the rains have receded in several places, rescue and evacuation operations are going on in full swing to help out the affected people.