Two minors were rescued by the Dibrugarh District Child Labour Task Force in a bid to curb the prevalence of child labour in the state.

The minors were rescued from the houses of an OIL employee and a faculty of Assam Medical College and Hospitals.

A 13 year old girl was rescued from the house of OIL employee Niranjan Hazarika in Dibrugarh’s Mohonaghat area, while a 14 year old was rescued from the house of Dr Bichitra Doley, a professor of AMCH.

The girl was being engaged by the doctor as a domestic help in his private girls hostel in the Rajabhetta area.

The rescued girls have been handed over to the child welfare society Prerona by the search team to be taken care of.

Meanwhile, FIR’s have been filed against both Hazarika and Doley for indulging in child labour.