Four-time Meghalaya Chief Minister and senior Congress leader DD Lapang has resigned from the party. Lapang sent his resignation to party President Rahul Gandhi.

Lapang, who has been with the party since the past four decades, shot a letter to the senior-most leaders of the Congress party, including, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi as well as the AICC secretary Vijay Laxmi Sadho.

The veteran Congress leader said the party’s recent policy to phase out senior leaders made he feel frustrated and compelled to resign.

Although Lapang served four times as the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, he never completed a full term.

He first took oath in February 1992, but his stint ended just one year after. He then enjoyed a better second term, completing three years in the office when he became the CM in 2003 before problems in the coalition government started to arise.

His final two terms as Chief Minister saw him hold the post for just one year or less. In March 2007, he started his third term as CM of the state, before stepping down in March 2008, as he failed to garner majority in the 60 member Meghalaya assembly.

His fourth tenure as Chief Minister was in May 2009, he had to step down in April 2010, without completing even 12 months.