Displeased with the Assam Government and the Consultative Committee of Plantations Association, which is the apex body of the tea garden owners association.

The influential All Adivasi Students Association of Assam has decided to intensify its agitation against the tea garden managements as well as the state government demanding immediate hike in wages of tea garden workers.

A sum of 350 rupees was promised by the BJP in its election manifesto of 2016 as the immediate hike in daily wages.

Deben Oraon, General Secretary of AASAA said members of the organizations will write letters to the legislators of Assam highlighting the plight of the tea workers of the state and demanding immediate hike as per the recommendations made by Minimum Wage Board.

At present, Tea workers in the tea estates of Brahmaputra valley of Assam are being paid 137 rupees a daily wage till a notification was issued by the state government on July 3 to give a daily increment of Rs. 30 with effect from April 1.

However, the All Adivasi Students Association of Assam has alleged that while some of the gardens have started to give the increment from August, most of the gardens are yet to comply with the government’s order.

The association is also planning for a statewide economic blockade on September 20.