With Lok Sabha elections nearing in, the Congress in Meghalaya has exuded confidence that the Congress will emerge victorious in the elections.

Talking to newspersons, Congress Lok Sabha MP Vincent Pala said that he would contest the elections for the party while maintaining that the National Peoples Party is no threat to him unless the party surrenders their votes and combine with other parties.

Exuding confidence that he has been there for two terms, Pala said that the people of Meghalaya especially Khasi and Jaintia, constituency knows whom to vote for and that they may or may not like him but they like the congress and he is confident that the people would still prefer congress in Delhi than a regional party.

Talking about his strategy, Pala said that it alll depends on the candidates his rivals would field. Pointing out that NPP in the last elections got almost 17 percent, UDP got 17 and congress got almost 35 percent, Pala said that sticking to normal strategy for time being would work for the congress.

On the threat of a common candidate the MDA coalition partners are pitching for, Pala said that winning elections in the state does not depend solely on the candidate, it depends on the party as well.

Citing examples of the recently concluded general elections where top politicians of the likes of former Home Minister HDR Lyngdoh and UDPs Paul Lyngdoh bite the dust, Pala said it eventually depends on the voters and even if the MDA coalition fields a common candidate it would not be a threat.