New Delhi is all set to experience the invigorating flavour of Srimanta Sankaradev’s 16th century performing art form ‘Bhaona’ at the Srimanta Sankardev Bhawan in the city.

BhaonaThe Mahapurus Srimanta Sankardev Namdharma Samaj, a religious and socio-cultural organization of Assam, will be presenting ‘Udyoga Parva’, a Bhaona form of the epic Mahabharata in English language from Assam for the first time.

Speaking on the lines of this visual narrative presentation, Arup Saikia who is the scriptwriter and director of Udyoga Parva Bhaona said that his aim is to propagate the universal vision of Srimanta Sankardev in English.

He further added that this pioneering step was to bring the Bhaona form to people in the metros.

Arup Saikia informed that the Bhaona form previously was presented in the ‘Brajavali’ literary language used by Srimanta Sankardev for some of his compositions like Borgeet’s and Ankia Naats of the Vaishnavite tradition that spread to hamlets across Assam.