The ill fated car that drowned in Dikhow river has finally been recovered today after 5 days, following a nearly 100 hour long search operation carried out by the Indian Navy, NDRF, SDRF and specially trained divers of the Indian Army’s 21 para special forces.

All 5 bodies have been recovered from the ill fated car. The car bearing registration number AS-01-BQ-9788 was traced by two SDRF divers using a 10kg magnet. The car was found 200 metres from the spot where it had plunged into the river.

The tragic incident took place when Haren Bora, 52, his mother Puno Bora, 85, wife Phunu Bora, 45, daughters Simpy Bora, 21 and Munmi Bora, 18, were going to visit their ancestral house at Dikhowmukh on Saturday.

Eyewitnesses who were at the spot had made desperate efforts to rescue the victims but could not manage doing as the car sunk into the swelling river in no time.

Subsequent to this, the NDRF, SDRF and specially trained divers of the 21 para troopers of the Indian Army swung into action in search of the missing vehicle.

Earlier, a ten member diving team of the Indian Navy was also called in from Visakhapatnam for the search operations with the help of modern SONAR technology.