Political equations are heating up in poll-bound Mizoram where the assembly elections will be held later this year.

In a bid to garner support ahead of the polls the People’s Representation for Identity and Status of Mizoram (PRISM) which will be contesting its first state polls has promised to introduce a land reform system for equal distribution of land if it comes to power.

During its election campaigns at several localities in Aizawl, PRISM President Vanlalruata said the party would introduce a rigid land reform system to exploit all fallow lands.

The PRISM president added that under the land reform policy, unutilized and non-taxable land would be confiscated from the owner and given to the needy.

Vanlalruata said the party is strongly opposed to unequal distribution of land and non-existence of land reform system in the state.

He said the state’s economy can grow at a much faster rate if all unutilized and fallow lands are exploited effectively.