Members of the Mizo Zarlai Pawl (MZP) apprehended over 200 suspected ILP violators from Assam at border check points in the past 2 days.

MZP President L Ram-din-liana Renthlei said that the student body has been launching ILP drive since August 17 and began their checking at border check points in Bairabi, Saiphai and Vairengte since Tuesday.

At least 233 persons, suspected to be foreigners, were detected and prevented from entering Mizoram during mass checking on Tuesday and Wednesday at Bairabi, Saiphai and Vairengte.

Earlier on Friday and Saturday, the student body has apprehended 5 suspected illegal immigrants in Aizawl and 16 others in Vairengte. With this the MZP has so far detected and apprehended 254 non-tribals whose names were not included in the NRC list.

Meanwhile the state government has tightened security along the Mizoram-Assam border. The state government also asked the MZP to stop checking people entering the state from neighboring states at border check points.


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