Dubbing lynching and mob violence as serious crimes, the Centre has directed the states and the Union Territories (UT) to take preventive measures to put check on the rising incidents of mob lynching, which are mostly fueled by rumours of child lifting on social media.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) today urged the states and the Union Territories to keep a close vigil for early detection of any rumours and initiate effective actions in this regard. The Supreme Court recently stated that mob lynching cannot be deemed just as a law and order problem.

The MHA has also issued directives to the states and the union territories to direct District Administrations to identify vulnerable areas and conduct community outreach programmes for creating awareness and building confidence.

Moreover, the ministry has also stressed that complaints of child abduction or kidnapping should be properly investigated to instill confidence among the affected persons.

Voicing concern over the issue, Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra has warned against giving communal hues to the problem of mob violence. Highlighting the series of incidents concerning mob lynching, Mishra said it is beyond law and order problem and termed it a crime.