Assam continues to face a daunting flood scenario. Incessant rains in Assam’s Chirang district have made rivers like Aai, Nangalbhanga, Makra and Champa to overflow and cause floods, causing several villages to be submerged.

Floods caused by the Aai river has submerged the Majarbari village at Bijni. Several major rivers of the Chirang district and their smaller tributaries have been overflowing due to incessant rains which has further complicated the flood scenario in the district.

The Nangalbhanga has inundated areas of West Joypore village and damaged the embankments at the Huthuti village. Heavy rains in the last 24 hours has resulted in flooding and submerging of several villages.

While Assam faces a grim scenario currently in relation to floods, the water resource department is building a dam across the Singora river in Lakhimpur district to control the flood situation in Noubaicha.

The dam is being built to affect change in the river’s flow to improve the flood conditions. Local people unhappy with the step opined that instead of working in the dry season, the authorities have started work on the dam in the middle of the rainy season.

Severe floods have also grasped several parts of Bongaigaon district with Manikpur heavily affected by the flood. Communications have been hit as floods have submerged the important Dangaigaon-Kirtanpara connecting road.

Meanwhile, heavy erosion caused by the Buroi river at Gohpur in Assam’s Biswanath district have caused panic among local people. Heavy rains coupled with overflowing of rivers has resulted in heavy erosion in the Buroi river.

People are now concerned as unchecked erosion have resulted to heavy loss of land and property of many. Frustrated with the authorities and the public representatives to address the issue at hand, people have taken the matter into their own hands.

Hit by the scenario of rising river waters, people have started building embankments to stop further erosion.