The Shillong Police making some shocking revelations today, East Khasi Hills SP Davis Marak revealed that Shillong is turning into a major centre and transit route for drug trafficking.

What is more worrying according to the East Khasi Hills SP is indication that insurgent groups from the region are involved in the drug trade in the city in a bid to fund their insurgent activities in the region.

Marak added that Shillong is gradually turning into one of the major distribution centres of heroin and other contraband stuff like cannabis. The East Khasi Hills SP also said that the police in the course of seizures and arrests found people linked to insurgent groups involved in drug trafficking which hints at narco terrorism.

Talking about the rise in drug related cases in the city, Marak said that East Khasi Hills police has in the past five months till May 31st registered 21 cases which is almost equivalent to the entire last year’s catch. This, Marak says, only proves that Shillong is turning into a distribution centre for drugs.