Conflict between man and elephant seems to be a never ending story in Assam. The regions of Harisinga and Paneri in Udalguri district is seeing pianic spread among the local people over the increased presence of wild elephants in the area.

A large herd of elephants has damaged human habitations and crops. Large number of elephants have been roaming in broad daylight. The lackadaisical attitude of the forest department has forced the local people to take certain measures to drive off elephants from their villages and farmlands.

Apart from Udalguri, elephant menace is also being witnessed in Assam’s Sundarpur region near Numaligarh where packs of jumbos have being raiding at human settlements and destroying crops.

People are spending sleepeless while fearing for their lives and properties due to the jumbo menace. Man-elephant conflict has become an almost regular affair in the region around Numaligarh.