In a shocking incident, a woman has been arrested in Tripura state capital Agartala on charges of attempting to sell her kidney.

The woman in question had been trying to convince a female doctor of Agartala Medical College Hospital namely doctor Pampi Sharma to let her sell kidney in exchange of money, the doctor tried best to explain the repercussions to change her mind and after many failed attempts, she reported about her motives to authorities at Agartala Medical College and later handed her over to officials at East Agartala Police Station.

The lady herself narrated her story saying that after the demise of her husband two years ago, her family had a bad time meeting ends, and her family was hit by extreme poverty. To cover educational expense of her daughter the woman had to work as a sex worker but even after that it became difficult for her to manage basic financial expenses and that’s when she thought of making some money by selling her kidney.