The Naga National Political Group (NNPG) has indicated today that it would reconsider its decision of suspending the negotiations with the Government of India and get back in the peace process soon, following appeals from the Naga Tribal and Civil Society Groups.

The NNPG comprising of 6 Naga rebel groups had joined the peace process in November last year. The joining of these groups had made the Naga peace process broad because until then, only NSCN-IM was in talks with New Delhi. The NNPG had suspended the negotiations following the June 2 raid by the Assam Rifles at the residence of its top leader V Nagi.

Talking exclusively to Northeast Live Editor-in-Chief Wasbir Hussain, NNPG leader Alezo Venuh said his group was engaged in discussions on the question of reconsidering the decision to suspend the talks in view of the popular demands from the Naga Civil Society to take the peace process to its logical conclusion.