Meghalaya witnessed its biggest security breach today with an unruly crowd barging inside the State Secretariat complex where the Chief Minister was holding a meeting with a Punjab government delegation right after an all party meet.

The unprecedented incident forced the authorities to call in the army which has conducted a flag march and is slated to carry with flag marches throughout the night. According to top government sources, an additional 1,000 paramilitary force is also being rushed to Shillong to contain the situation.

After a relatively peaceful day, things took a dramatic turn in Shillong, when, making a mockery of the security arrangements in place an unruly mob forced its way inside the secretariat complex staging a noisy demonstration.

The police quickly intervened to stop the crowd from getting inside. However, it needed a flag march by the Army to bring things under control. Significantly, the crowd could make its way into the highly secure Secretariat Complex despite the fact that a curfew was in place at the time of the incident.

The Army has been called in following the incident, with law and order situation deteriorating in Shillong. Meanwhile, top army sources have said that the forces will conduct more flag marches at night as the law and order situation worsens in the city.


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