The Khasi Student Union (KSU) sent a memorandum to the state government demanding immediate arrest of those involved in assaulting the minors and their father. The KSU also demanded the eviction of the residents of the colony in order to ensure the safety of the traders and shoppers in Mawlonghat areas as he pointed out that it is not the first instance of assault as many people were earlier assaulted there.

The KSU also demanded the immediate release of the arrested youth beside compensation for the injuries caused. Furthermore, Donald Thabah, General Secretary of the KSU said that the government should have taken swift action and diffuse the situation but they were quiet and this added fuel to the fire.

Donald said that people came out in huge numbers to protest as people coming from rural areas passing through the colony were assaulted, villagers, shoppers and even policemen and the outburst is the years of toleration.

Stating that they have been tolerant for decades and if their good nature is taken advantage of they will fight till the end, Donald said that the fault is theirs as they started it and their retaliation should not be mistaken of being bossy.


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