In a significant development into the class 12 student suicide in Tripura, the police have begun its investigation and have ceased the CCTV footage of the retail shopping mall Big Bazaar. The police have further ceased the deceased’s mobile phone, which has been sent to the forensic department for further investigation.

Meanwhile, the Principal of the Auxillium School has denied all allegations of misbehaviour against Lahiri and her mother. She further reiterated that the mother-student duo never approached her regarding the matter.

Earlier, the Tripura government ordered a CID enquiry into the cause of the suicide of the 17 year old tribal girl and also announced a 5 lakh rupee compensation to the bereaved family which was visited by the state’s Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Debberma.

It has also come to light that the class 12 student from Tripura who committed suicide on the 25th of May was a very bright student and was also a topper of her batch. Her results were declared just a day after her death, where she had excelled.

However, what would have been a day of jubilation, turned into a day of mourning for the family of the deceased, after the unpleasant incident brought unbearable shame to the young girl thus compelling her to even take her own life.

Addressing the media, Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Debberma stated that the mother of the deceased filed an FIR on the day the victim committed suicide, at 7:30 in the evening where the police registered the cause of death as ‘unnatural death’. Debberma also added that the mother Dipali Debberma has blamed Big Bazaar and the Auxillium School authorities for her daughter’s death.

Meanwhile, the shopping mall was shut down yesterday to avoid any untoward incident from happening after protesters gathered near it. The girl’s suicide over the allegations of theft that the mall authorities levelled on her has sparked massive outrage all over Tripura.