In a horrific incident a 12 year old minor girl from Nagaland’s Yuching village in the Mon district was raped by a 20 year old man. The accused has been identified as Rahul Sen who is a salesman in a watch boutique.

The incident came to light when the victim who is a class 4 student complained of ill health after which she was immediately taken to the hospital by her elder sister. It was then that the doctors revealed that the minor girl has been raped.

Appallingly, the girl was raped by the accused not just once but several times on different occasions. After much hesitation the victim’s finally disclosed the name of her perpetrator. The incident has created uproar in the state and the angry locals taking law into their own hands brutally thrashed the accused and also paraded him naked at the Private Bus station junction.

As per reports, the accused Rahul Sen denied all allegations made against him at first, but finally confessed after an irate mob threatened him. The accused is now in police custody and a case has been filed against him.


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