A hardcore NSCN (IM) militant was apprehended by the Khonsa battalion in Tissa on early Saturday morning.

The Khonsa battalion has been carrying out intense operations on underground outfits and on Saturday was able to nab another NSCN (IM) cadre Tingwang wangsa alias Aisak Wangsa, a self Styled private of the outfit.

Wangsa was traced based on specific intelligence about him trying to terrorise the Khonsa town while also and carryout extortion activities in the area. The swiftly launched operation resulted in Wangsa’s apprehension along with a pistol and live ammunition.

Post spot interrogation, he admitted allegiance to NSCN (IM) and further divulged that he had joined the outfit in March 2015 and had undergone training in an NSCN camp for three months as an active cadre.