Assam finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has stated that some people are trying to create tension in Assam.

The minister, while addressing a public gathering at Barpeta, said that these are the same people who sat with controversial Islamic cleric Mehmood Madani.

Sarma went on to state that carrying out of protest movements would not solve the problems of the state.

He added that the people of Assam know who is responsible for the problems of Assam.
Sarma also posed the question as to who is reseponsible for encroaching upon the Sattra lands of Barpeta?

Sarma applealed to the people to maintain their patience till the completion of the NRC updation process.

Sarma said that he would give evidence of his work to the people of the state, not to people who sit with troublemakers like Madani.