Bogibeel Bridge, India’s longest rail-cum-road bridge on the Brahmaputra River connecting Dibrugarh to Dehamji is expected to be operational by this October.

The railways said that the 4.94 km long bridge that had already missed several deadlines had targeted to finalise the work of the bridge including civil, electrical and signaling by July 2018.

Indian Railway spokesperson Ved Prakash said that inspection by Railway Safety Commissioner is likely to take place in August and after getting the approval, the operation will be started.

Notably, Bogibeel Bridge will boost defence logistics along the China border and reduce travel time for rail passengers and road users. The distance between Delhi and Dibrugarh will also be reduced by 155 km, saving three hours of train journey.

However, whether the existing train’s route will be changed or a new train will be introduced is yet to be decided.