Priyanka Chopra, the global superstar and “Awesome Assam” Brand ambassador wrapped up her three day Assam visit today.

The superstar who has recently been tied up with her Hollywood commitments has come to India to shoot for the second leg of the ‘Awesome Assam’ ad campaign, which will be the last one before the expiry of her two year contract with the Assam Government.

Priyanka Chopra was seen shooting for Awesome Assam campaign at the Kaziranga golf course.  Earlier on Sunday night, the actor shot special scenes depicting the Ahom tradition of marriage, Chaklang at the Gotonga tea estate at the Baniyon Grove resort of Titabar in eastern Assam.

During her trip she met 7-year-old Radha, who showed Priyanka how to wrap the traditional ‘mekhla chador’. Priyanka shared a picture of ‘lil Radha’ dressed in red and gold mekhla chador and wrote: “Lil Radha (7 yrs) with her big eyes and smile showed me how the ‘Mekhela Sador’, traditional Assamese Sari is worn! #AwesomeAssam #India.”

The actor who is camping at the exotic Thengal Manor, also relished on traditional Assamese cuisine that included Joha rice, traditional tenga prepared with fish, mashed potato and kheer. Hundreds of people gathered in the area to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

Earlier, before reaching the state, Priyanka took to instagram to express her happiness to be back to Assam after a long break. The actress kept posting videos one after another, embracing the beauty of the state’s culture.

On work front, apart from promoting Quantico 3, Priyanka is also producing an Assamese film Bhonga Khirikee, to be directed by ace filmmaker Jahnu Baruah.