The mammoth task of taking electricity to every village of India has finally been achieved.

With electricity reaching Manipur’s Leisang, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a series of tweets named it as the last village to receive electricity on Saturday.

Leisang, a village in central Manipur’s Senapati district, with 19 families, now joins the rest of the 5.97 lakh inhabited villages that have been officially connected to the national grid.

Modi expressed his contentment in a tweet and I quote, “I salute the efforts of all those who worked tirelessly on the ground, including the team of officials, the technical staff and all others, to make this dream of Powerful India a reality. Their efforts today will help generations of Indians in the coming years”.

Notably, the rural electrification scheme to supply power to 18,452 villages that have never seen power since Independence has been one of the top schemes of Prime Minister Modi.