The UPSC declared the final result of Civil Services Exam 2017 late on Friday evening.

The Union Public Service Commission or the UPSC Examination is considered to be one of the toughest tests in the country. The result of the 2017 UPSC examination was declared on Friday, and while 28-year old Durishetty Anudeep of Hyderabad topped the list, 23 candidates from the northeast have also come through with flying colours.

The region faired well in the examination with 23 successful candidates from Northeast, with 16 from Assam, 4 from Arunachal Pradesh, 3 from Manipur and 1 from Nagaland. Incidentally, 2017 records the best tally from Assam till date with 14 successful candidates thereby breaking its previous reckoning in 2014 when 13 had made it to the final list.

In 2015 there were only 8 successful candidates from the state while in 2016, there were nine successful candidates. Significantly, the candidate from Assam who is in the top 100 rankings is Bipasa Kalita (41) while Swapnil Paul (64) is from Nagaland and Puja Elengbam from Manipur has secured the 81st rank.

The other successful candidates from Assam according to their rankings are: Mrigakhi Deka (126), Aranyak Saikia (148), Purna Borah (149), Monalika Borgohain (230), Sidhanta Das (267), Sanket Agarwal (271), Mamoni Doley (593), Subhajit Bhuyan (645), Bhani Telenga (661), Partha Pratim Das (738), Manoj Swargiyari (795), Bidisha Chintey (818), Deepjoy Das (855), and Yashodhara Das (894).

On the other hand, the successful candidates from Arunachal Pradesh according to their rankings are: Masanda Magdalin Pertin (443), Phurpa Sering (561), Ojing Dameng (644), and Duyu Kampu (777).

From Manipur besides Puja Elengbam (81), the other two successful candidates are Gonreipou Gangmei (890), and Ningthoujam Johnson (970).

A notable aspect of these candidates is that each of them has scripted success through smart work. Other pointers are that many did not get enrolled in any coaching centres or even after getting a plush job, be it government or corporate did not rest on their laurels.