In a rather disturbing development, reports of as many as 48 GNM and 27 ANM nurses holding fake nursing certificates issued by the Assam Nursing council have come to the fore.

The defaulters who were identified in the 9th and 10th council meeting of the Arunachal Pradesh Nursing Council have been blacklisted by the council under sectionS a,b,c & d of the APNC Act 2011.

In the recently concluded 10th council meeting, 2 GNM and 5 ANM nurses were detected to have fake nursing certificates. The revelation raises serious concerns and there is definitely a need for thorough investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile, the Registrar of Arunachal Nursing Council also informed that before 2013, the institute was under Assam Nursing Council but it was taken under the Arunachal Pradesh Nursing Council on June 28, 2013.