The occasion of Apurba Divas is celebrated by the state of Arunachal every year in the fond memory of a distinguished veteran of the Indian Army.

Major Gen A K Bardalai, Vishisht Seva Medal, the Wakro Women’s welfare association along with the members of several other organisations and NGOs, jointly felicitated the Lohit Police on Thursday for their well coordinated and successful efforts in safely bringing back four minor girls of Arunachal Pradesh who had gone missing on the 21st of March this year.

All present in the meeting acknowledged the prompt actions of the Superintendent of Police of the Lohit District, Kirli Padu and also thanked Inspector Thomas Pertin and Rajesh Kumar for their selfless service. It may be mentioned that the Lohit police acted almost immediately after one of the parents of the missing girls issued an FIR last month.

Realising the sensitivity of the situation, the SP also included the Lohit NGOs and community members and also seeked the help of the Bangalore police, in order to be able to crack the case at the earliest.

On the occassion of Apurba Divas, SP Kirli Padu addressed the public, the NGOs as well as parents of minors and laid emphasis on creating awareness to contain crime against children in the state.


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