The Mopin festival of the Galo tribe of Arunachal Pradesh commences today.

The governor of the state, (Retd) Brigadier Dr. B D Mishra, extended his wishes to the people of the state and said “On this joyous occasion, I join my fellow citizens in offering prayers to Goddess Ane Mopin and seek blessings for each one of us”.

Mopin is a socio-religious festival, and therefore Galo Tribe fervently associate the celebration with auspicious agricultural prospects. It is observed to seek blessings of bounteous Goddess Ane Mopin, the Goddess of prosperity for abundant harvest, communal harmony and good health for all.

Showcasing an amazing array of ritualistic and cultural activities, along with Popir Dance, this festival is a great medium in preserving and promoting our cultural heritage, the governor added.


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