Arunachal Pradesh Govt. passes bill

Five significant bills passed by the government

The Arunachal Pradesh Assembly on the last day of its session on Friday passed five significant Bills for discussion. Among them, a detailed discussion was with respect to awarding of death sentence or life imprisonment to perpetrators of gang rape and rape of minor girls up to 12 years of age.

The Arunachal Pradesh government passed the Criminal Laws Amendment Bill, that provides teeth to the law enforcers to take strict action against those who rape minors.

The other four bills passed were the Arunachal Pradesh Land and Ecological Sites (*Protection and Land Management)Bill,2018; the Arunachal Pradesh State Higher Education Council Bill, 2018; the Criminal Laws (Arunachal Pradesh) Amendment Bill, 2018 and the Arunachal Pradesh Street Vendors (*Protection of Livelihood and Regulations of Street Vending) Repeal Bill, 2018.