NIT Agartala assault case : Primary assaulter expelled

Severe criticism of the incident forced the institute to act

Rituraj Tiwari, the primary assaulter of Dui Doji, the 1st year student of NIT-Agartala, was expelled by the disciplinary committee of the institute.

Dui Doji, a first year civil engineering student was assaulted by his seniors including Tiwari. Over 15 to 20 students had beaten up Doji, who had suffered multiple injuries along with a ruptured ear-drum.

Likewise, Tiwari, the final year student has been expelled from the current semester examination. He will also not be considered for any academic appreciation as per the disciplinary committee of NIT Agartala. Tiwari has been directed to vacate the hostel and he will also not be allowed to attend the campus interviews.