Putting all speculations to rest in Tripura, BJP announced the name of State BJP president and Banamalipur legislator Biplab Kumar Deb as the next Chief Minister of Tripura on Tuesday.

BJP observers, including Minister of Road, Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari and Juel Oram along with other legislators of Tripura finalized the name of Biplab Kumar Deb as the next Chief Minister. The Banamalipur legislator said that he will strive to work for the greater welfare of the state.

It is interesting to note that Biplab Kumar Deb is a household name in Tripura today. 46-year-old Biplab is a first-time MLA, winning the elections from the Banamalipur constituency.

From seeking his fortunes in the political arena in New Delhi more than 15 years ago to now being the chief minister elect of Tripura, it has been a slow but steady rise for Biplab Kumar Deb. The father of two is now being looked as the ‘father of Tripura’, at least his wife Neeti Dev reckons he is now the father of Tripura and will look after the State in the manner in which he looks after his two children.

Meanwhile, the saffron wave swept Tripura on March 3, annihilating the Left Front government that had been in power for 25 years. The BJP-IPFT combine not only cobbled up the numbers to form the government but also crossed two-third majority.


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